Trueman's Elementary Biology Vol. II

Trueman's Elementary Biology Vol. II


Writer : K.N. Bhatia & M.P. Tyagi

Publisher : Trueman Book Compnay

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ISBN NO. : 9788187223801

Format : Paper Back

Laguage : English

Product Year : 2023

Best selling for Class XII and Ideal Book for NEET covering CBSE/NCERT Syllabus.

  • Trueman's Elementary Biology – Vol. 2 for Class XII

    Table of Contents

    ·         Preface

    Unit 1. Reproduction

    Chapter 1. Reproduction In Organisms
    Chapter 2. Sexual Reproduction In Flowering Plants
    Chapter 4. Reproductive Health

    Unit 2. Genetics And Evolution

    Chapter 5. Principles of Inheritance And Variations
    Chapter 6. Molecular Basis of Inheritance
    Chapter 7. Evolution

    Unit 3. Biology And Human Welfare

    Chapter 8. Human Health And Disease
    Chapter 9. Strategies For Enhancement In Food Production
    Chapter 10. Microbes In Human Welfare

    Unit 4. Biotechnology And Its Applications

    Chapter 11. Biotechnology: Principles And Processes
    Chapter 12. Applications of Biotechnology

    Unit 5. Organisms And Populations

    Chapter 13. Organisms and Populations
    Chapter 14. Ecosystem
    Chapter 15. Biodiversity And Conservation
    Chapter 16. Environmental Issues

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